The Wave Towel - Teal


Our custom designed Wave Towel is made from our signature Turkish cotton. This style comes in a beautiful pattern, offered in muted tones and finished with a tassel fringe.  

Our Turkish towels can be used for a day at the beach or pool, or as a beautiful addition to your home


  • Handmade by Traditional Artisans in Turkey
  • Made with 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade

      100% Turkish Cotton, Reversible | 90cm x 160cm (35" x 63")


      Whether it is a beach towel, kitchen towel or throw, here are our recommendations.

      *Ideally, we would suggest that you hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent to ensure maximum longevity.
      *Alternatively, you can wash in a delicate cycle using cold water and mild detergent.

      We strongly recommend that you hang to dry in order to avoid exposure to heat and friction.
      *Avoid commercial fabric softener sheets amd liquid fabric softeners, these are typically developed for synthetic materials. They can cause build up, and reduce absorbency, try vinegar or baking soda when washing instead!

      Speaking of absorbancy, did you acivate your towel?

      STEP 1 - SOAK IT

      Let it soak in cold water for 12hrs. This allows the fibers to expand and relax from being pressed for packging and shipping. Soaking the towel ensures maximum absorbency and softness.

      STEP 2 - UNSOAK IT

      After soaking, gently wring out your towel and hang to dry before use.

      STEP 3 - ENJOY IT!

      Yep! You're good to go!