About Dep de Vie

Dep de Vie is a lifestyle department store featuring carefully chosen and thoughtfully made goods that elevate your life. With our curated selection of clothing, jewelry, self-care and wellness products, we connect you to the Canadian makers we love.

Dep de Vie is a place of discovery. One convenient location to find what brings you joy, defines your style and helps you prioritize your well-being.

We offer tailored consultations to ensure you find what’s best for your needs and the needs of others through gifting. We believe in our brands and love to share their values and stories so you feel connected to what you bring into your life.


About Kelly G

I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Sudbury, ON. Even at an early age, I stood out in my style and interests, so after high school I looked for adventure in a bigger city. I moved to Ottawa to study Small Business Management and, ever since, I’ve dreamed of being an entrepreneur. I eventually moved to Montreal after falling in love with the music scene and finding my community.

While living in Ottawa and Montreal, I built a career in retail management for some of the most inspiring companies. All the while, deepening my passion for leading an engaged team, providing exceptional customer service, and managing a successful business.

Surrounded by so many independent businesses, I started to take an interest in what made certain brands, restaurants and stores memorable. My values shifted to supporting local and making conscious buying decisions. Self-development and healthy living became part of my everyday routine. People were inspired by my elevated lifestyle habits, and I realized there was an opportunity to help others.

During a month-long isolation due to covid-19, I reflected on how much I missed my family and Sudbury. After 20 years of living away, I decided to make the move back home. I knew it was finally time to realize my dream of being an entrepreneur. Dep de Vie – a lifestyle department store - was born.