What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is an approach to designing clothing in which the environment, animals and people are respected. Brands produce only two seasons annually, ordering and producing just enough to meet sales for the season. Clothing is made with premium, natural fibers, keeping quality and sustainability top of mind. This fall think global and shop local - feel connected to what you bring into your closet.

Our Story

Dep de Vie is a lifestyle department store featuring carefully chosen and thoughtfully made goods that elevate your life. With our curated selection of clothing, jewelry, self-care and wellness products, we connect you to the Canadian makers we love.

Dep de Vie is a place of discovery. One convenient location to find what brings you joy, defines your style and helps you prioritize your well-being.

We offer tailored consultations to ensure you find what’s best for your needs and the needs of others through gifting. We believe in our brands and love to share their values and stories so you feel connected to what you bring into your life.

Hand Picked by You

Choose from a selection of bespoke gifting option with our signature Tag + Wrap.