Le Rituel Strawberry - Immersive Kit


The experience - A turnkey strawberry bath ritual. I walk towards a field of fresh fruit. I feel good. I feel like being. I am.

Use - Simply put all the elements in the bath, besides the matches.  

Towards the end of your ritual, take the strawberries and exfoliate your body with them. Strawberries are an amazing natural exfoliator for you.  

The ultimate goal of doing a bath ritual is to put all the items one by one, even our soy lanterns floating, and to make a wish, a request to the universe and take this time for you. Everything goes in your bath, except the matches.  

Contains: Himalayan pink salt, strawberries, rose flowers, straw flowers, lantern, pack of 36 incense matches, Strawberry Ritual botanical oil (natural strawberry fragrance, almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, rose and vitamin E).

Vegan, natural