Organic Silk Skinny Scrunchie - Black


Scrunchies sold individually.

The deluxe skinny scrunchie collection is perfect for a subtle pony and doubles as a luxurious, small accessory! The difference between the deluxe and regular collection is that the deluxe uses the same quality yet more silk. 

Give your hair the break it deserves by letting real silk improve shine and reduce breakage, frizz, and creasing.HoneyLux scrunchies are beautifully hand-made pieces that will bring sophistication and luxury to your daily hair-care routine. 

♥ Sold Individually or as a set of 3 

♥ 100% Mulberry 22mmole silk - Grade 6A (interior elastic excluded)

♥ Does not contain any synthetic material 

♥ Uses non-toxic & environmentally friendly organic dyes