Nova Earrings - 14K Yellow Gold - White Diamond

By Bluboho

The Story:


she's a supernova
a force of nature
a reason for change
a trail of stardust in her wake

We created these earrings for those bound for greatness. a supernova is triggered when the trapped energy in a star ignites and bursts into light. with a luminosity one billion times that of the sun, supernovas represent all that is possible when we ignite the true potential of the soul and burn our very brightest. shine on.


  • 14k yellow recycled gold
  • 2.8mm rose cut ethically sourced white diamond centre (per earring)
  • designed in Canada
  • exclusive to Bluboho
  • all earrings are final sale
greatness, brilliance, power

When you finally allow yourself to shine your brightest, a catalyst occurs. a supernova is the explosion of a supergiant star, unleashing a brilliance beyond our earthly comprehension. when this card finds you, it is a signal for you to unleash your own brilliant energy- for you have the power to light up everything around you. contemplate the limitless potential within you: how will you ignite your true purpose and allow yourself to shine your brightest? what wonderful things