Kui Earrings - Gold Plated/Light Yellow


Inspired by one of our world's most beautiful traditions, lei, these ultra light weight statement earrings are for celebrations themselves. They are named after the lei making method that inspired how these earrings are assembled which is through piercing the florals.

Of the many traditions associated with lei, that which most resonated with me, besides their representation of love, is their end of life which should be a rule of thumb for all things we make. Traditionally they should be returned to the place they were gathered, or if that is not possible, they should be returned to the earth. The Pacific Islanders have much to teach us on how to care for the ground beneath our feet and take responsibility for objects we possess or make. Though these earrings may not be returned to the earth, I will gladly recuperate or repair them once they have reached their end of life.

The Kui earrings are composed of hand dyed floral shaped lace, plated brass components and assorted wooden beads. Available in a large variety of colours inspired by the botanical world. 

  • Come on hypoallergenic gold plated 316L grade stainless steel medallion posts, with butterfly backings. 
  • Earrings measures approximately 7 cm long. Hoop measure approximately 4 cm in diameter.
  • Each earring weighs 5.4 grams. The pair weighs 10.8 grams total.
  • Care tips : Use iron on low or flat iron (hair) on petals to expand/reshape flowers. Spot clean white lace with stain removers such as '“Tide-to-go” or “Shout” wipes .
  • Handmade with love in our Montreal studio.
  • Limited edition due to the vintage and exotic sourcing of the materials.