Cable Knit Dress Socks - S/M - Strawberry Cream

By Okayok

About this product:

These fine cable knit dress socks are made at a small factory near Toronto.  They have a thinner weight that can fit in a fancier shoe. 

Available in our S/M size (formerly Small Foot) - equivalent to a hosiery size 9-11, fitting a 6-10 women’s shoe and 4-8 men’s shoe.

Made in Brampton, Ontario, 40 km from our studio in Toronto.

Care Instructions:

Wash cold and tumble dry low. Socks are machine washed and dried after they're knit and have been pre-shrunk. 


  • Made in Canada 
  • Fabric: 80% Cotton, 20% Nylon
  • Weight: 199.58 g (7.04 oz)