5 Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix - 135g Pouch

By Landish

Love hot chocolates and functional mushrooms? 

Use this mix to make your next hot chocolate and you won’t be able to go back to regular hot chocolates! 

Deliciously wholesome with a full-flavoured chocolatey taste and heart-warming rich texture, our 5 Mushroom Hot Chocolate mix has all the benefits of five organic functional mushroomsreishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane and turkey tailand is now made with organic fair trade cocoa. No sugar added. Dairy and gluten-free. 

Made for adults but safe and super healthy for the whole family.

  • Made in a facility processing vegan ingredients only
  • Rich, creamy and tell-your-friends delicious!
  • 7 mg of caffeine per serving (like a decaf coffee)
  • Only 2 g of net carbs - No sugar added.
  • 1 pouch = 20 cups!
  • Product and packaging made in Canada.
  • Ingredients are third-party lab tested to guarantee purity and safety
  • Made in a facility that is tightly controlled to keep all priority allergens out


  • Prebiotic fungal beta glucans, found in functional mushrooms such as lion’s mane, reishi, chaga, turkey tail and cordyceps, have been shown to help boost the immune system.
  • Research suggests that cordyceps mushrooms can help to increase the delivery of energy to the muscles and that compounds in lion’s mane mushrooms can support cognitive function and mood.
  • The same fungal beta glucans (prebiotic fibres) that can help to support immune function, can also have a direct impact on gut health by feeding probiotic bacteria in the microbiome.

Ingredients: 150 mg each of organic reishi fruiting body extrac, organic chaga fruiting body extract, organic cordyceps fruiting body extract, organic lion’s mane fruiting body extract and organic turkey tail fruiting body extract.  Contains sustainably farmed, organic fair trade cocoa and rich organic coconut milk powder.